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World Clubs and the 2018 Nationals Season

The World Ultimate Club Championships are just over a year away and Ellipsis Ultimate are proud to announce that we are entering a women’s team.

We are today opening expressions of interest for all women who would like to join us for World Clubs and the 2018 Nationals Season.

If you are interested in:

  • becoming part of the Ellipsis community and contributing to our club’s vision and mission
  • taking part in high quality training and selection events
  • learning from and with the best female players in the country

then please read on.

We would love to hear from everyone who is interested in being involved and really encourage you to fill out the EOI regardless of how likely you think you are to be selected. Whilst it’s not possible for everyone to make the final team, we would love to help all women improve their ultimate.

Off-Season Training

From these EOIs, a squad will be invited to take part in our off-season training program. Between August and October, Ellipsis will be holding off-season training for ALL squad members. This will include dedicated small group sprint training, throwing, and strength and conditioning, all with high quality coaching staff. This is an excellent opportunity to work on your individual goals, regardless of your selection or non selection onto the final Nationals/World Clubs team. More information about this will be announced shortly.

Further to this, Cheok Lee (Ellipsis Assistant Coach 2017), will be available for you to contact over the next few months. He will be able to provide more information about the selection process and about the skills and attributes that will help you make the team. Cheok can also offer individual feedback about roles you might have, and how best to approach your training over the coming months.


Selection events will be held in Melbourne over two Saturdays in November (4th and 11th).

Whilst our ideal situation is that everyone on the team will be based in Melbourne (so as to attend mid-week pods), we acknowledge that WUCC is a unique event and we are open to having some interstate/international players join us. Specifics around how this will work will be decided on a case by case basis, but don’t let where you live stop you from filling out the EOI form. There is definitely potential for you to play Nationals with your regular club and then play WUCC with us.

Campaign Plan

Due to a number of factors, we are moving away from weekly Saturday morning trainings, to once a month full weekend training camps. Below is our current season calendar, keep in mind that this may vary based on tournament dates that are yet to be announced.

Season Calendar

Below are proposed dates, but have a look at this calendar for the most up-to-date info.

  • Training Camp 1: Nov 18-19th
  • Training Camp 2: Dec 9-10th
  • Training Camp 3: Jan 20-21st
  • Training Camp 4: Feb 10-11th
  • REGIONALS: Mar 3-4th
  • Training Camp 5: Mar 31st – Apr 1st
  • NATIONALS: Apr 26-29th
  • Training Camp 6: May 12-13th
  • Training Camp 7: Jun 2-3rd
  • Training Camp 8: Jun 30th – Jul 1st
  • WUCC: Jul 14-21st

Cost Estimates

Rough cost breakdown for the entire season:

  • Selection events, deposit ($300)
  • Nationals season ($1000)
  • International lead up tournament ($500)
  • WUCC pre-tour, tournament fees etc ($1500)
  • WUCC flights ($2200)

Total: $5500

Similarly to the last two seasons, the club will cover the costs of staff expenses (coaches/medical), photography, training field hire and playing strips.

Sign Up

So if you are keen to join the Ellipsis family, please fill out this expression of interest form by clicking the ‘sign up’ button below. Keep in mind that this is the first time the Ellipsis women will compete internationally; as such, our preparation will embody professionalism, hard work and self-improvement.

If you have any questions please get in contact with us.

Sign Up

*pending qualification