Ellipsis Ultimate Club

2021 to 2024 Strategic Plan

From the President …

Cat Phillips

On behalf of Ellipsis Ultimate, I am excited to introduce our three-year Strategic Plan.

This Strategic Plan represents months of hard work, consultation and debate across our club, with engagement from past and present members.

It guides the new direction of Ellipsis, bringing in a range of fresh ideas while retaining the parts of our culture that we value the most.

The Strategic Plan provides a framework for Ellipsis to continue evolving to best serve our community and our members.

I am inspired by the possibilities that this Strategic Plan offers and I can’t wait to see the results of our hard work.

History of the Club …

Ellipsis was formed in 2013 with a vision to promote and encourage female athletes through the sport of Ultimate. Originally a mixed club, Ellipsis quickly achieved international success at the Asia Oceanic Club Championships, the US Open Championships, and the Vietnam Cup. Through each of these campaigns, Ellipsis focused on providing opportunities for our female athletes to lead and to thrive.

In 2016, we turned our focus to the Women’s division, starting a run to 5 consecutive National Championships. Each of these teams were built around a shared commitment to growth and hard work. Since 2016, our female players have taken on every opportunity to develop their individual skills, and have been key contributors across U24 and open age Australian representative teams

2019 saw another big change for Ellipsis as we welcomed a Men’s team to the club. The formation of this team alongside an established Women’s team was a first in Australian Ultimate. The Ellipsis men have been strong ambassadors for the club on and off the field, and have opened up unique opportunities for the club to continue developing.

Our journey so far has enabled us to build a strong and supportive community of athletes with a culture and work ethic we are proud of. Now, we are excited to look towards what more we can offer our community in the future.

Results …

2013 Asia Oceanic Mixed Club Champions

2015 US Open Mixed Club Champions

2017 Zone Cup Mixed Club Champions

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 Australian National Champions - Women’s Division

2021 Australian National Champions - Open Division

The Future …


To set the standard for ultimate clubs in Australia through the continuous pursuit of excellence

Focus Areas

We will do this through focusing on three key areas: Our Sport, Our Club and Our Community.

  • Our Sport represents the on field aspects of Ultimate.
  • Our Club represents the elements of Ellipsis that impact our members’ experiences.
  • Our Community represents the local and national Ultimate community that we are all a part of

Through maintaining a focus on these three areas, we will ensure we build on our history of on-field success, while also creating a club culture that can be enjoyed by our members and our community.


In each of these focus areas, we have set clear aspirations for the next three years. These aspirations will guide our efforts and ensure we are continuing to make steady progress towards our Mission. Under each aspiration, we have listed key activities that are being implemented across the club.

Our Sport …

Be the Benchmark

We will be the benchmark of on-field performance. We’re not only aiming to win, but we are aiming to do that through playing excellent Ultimate.

  • Attend international events - World Ultimate Club Championships 2022
  • Provide opportunities to learn from elite players and coaches

Achieve sustainable high performance through our focus on processes

We aim to consistently achieve strong results in games, tournaments and seasons using processes that are sustainable in the long term. This aspiration focuses on supporting Ellipsis players to be as skilled, strategic and athletic as possible through their dedication to high performance.

  • Provide year round opportunities for player development
  • Offer resources to support well rounded development

Provide the best pathway to representative teams

If your goal is to reach an Australian or Victorian team, we will enable you to get there. Provide year round opportunities for player development

  • Mentorship program for aspiring representative players
  • Run regional training camps

Our Club …

Intentionally create a fulfilling and inclusive experience for all members

We are taking deliberate steps to build a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone involved with our club. We hope that by doing this, all of our members will feel connected and valued, and satisfied with their experience at Ellipsis.

  • Appoint a Culture Champion
  • Increase opportunities for connections through on field (training) or off field (social)

Support our people to be the best version of themselves

Our club will facilitate an environment to help everyone thrive. Whether that’s on or off the field, our members will be able to learn and broaden their development in leadership, coaching, event organisation, governance or strategy skills.

  • Instate a mentorship program on off-field skills
  • Develop a mental health program

Build a club for life

Whether or not you are currently playing on a team, you are still part of Ellipsis. We want to make Ellipsis a home that past, present and future members can keep returning to, whether as players, coaches, coordinators, volunteers or friends.

  • Annual events calendar and membership program
  • Recognition for past players and volunteers including through a Legacy Hall of Fame

Our Community …

Champion Ultimate in Australia

We want to be a club that gets behind the efforts of our national and state associations, as well as other clubs, in initiatives that build the sport in our country.

  • Facilitate a coaching development program

Empower women

At Ellipsis, we are committed to elevating female voices. We want to provide a space where women can grow, and we want to promote women’s sport.

  • Found a Melbourne women’s league

Be respectful and respected

We want to have positive relationships with people in our community. This responsibility will fall on everyone, from team leaders and board members to events and social media coordinators.

  • Facilitate inter-club events such as practice matches

Get involved …

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