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Georgia Egan-Griffiths announced as U22 Victorian Women’s coach

Georgia Egan-Griffiths is excited to return as coach of the Weedy Seadragons for a second season. “Last campaign was incredible. We’ve got a number of players returning in 2019, many of whom are coming off hugely successful nationals and worlds campaigns. It’s gonna be epic.”

Egan-Griffiths is a founding player and board member of Ellipsis Ultimate and has tirelessly contributed to Victorian ultimate as a player and coach. She began her ultimate career at Melbourne University and quickly became invested in ultimate. Her progression from there sky-rocketed including representing Australia at the 2015 U23 World Ultimate Championships as a Stingray and the 2016 World Ultimate Championships and 2019  Asia-Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Championships as a Firetail. Egan-Griffiths also recently played for the Melbourne Flames in the 2019 Australian Ultimate League and Ellipsis Ultimate at the US Open this year.

“Through this campaign Jasper Simar and I have been pretty focussed on creating a culture of support and openness within the team. We’re totally cognisant of the fact that if you love your team, you’re going to be more motivated to play hard for them. Hopefully we’ll see this come out at nationals this week.”

The Australian U22 Ultimate Championships will take place in Canberra from Friday 30 November 2019 to Sunday 2 December 2019.