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Ellipsis Youth Coaching Grant Series – Simar Dhaliwal (AC, U22 Women)

It has been a full and wholesome year for Simar Dhaliwal, who has made waves on the playing field with her stellar player resume over the last few years.

Dhaliwal joined Ellipsis in 2019 and not only played in the Nationals-winning womens team but was also selected to compete with Ellipsis at the US Open in August this year. Couple this with her selection as one of twelve players for the Melbourne Flames (where she recently featured in an article (https://australianultimateleague.com/news/player-spotlight/melbourne-rookie-has-the-flames-in-her-hand/?fbclid=IwAR1XHM7g_9xOQanmEe0i72H_-vLFydodDvGkTMcm5FbfrMOaqmMjYhS5zA0 for the Australian Ultimate League) [Can you please hyperlink] and her selection on the Bluebottles (mixed) to compete for Australia for the U24 World Ultimate Championships), you wonder how she has had time to add coaching to her arsenal.

Coaching is the next challenge for Dhaliwal. “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing players that you coach over a season or campaign develop to become better players and people. It brings me so much intrinsic value.”

For Dhaliwal, the inspiration to become part of the Weedy Seadragons this year comes from her involvement as a player for the previous two campaigns. “I want to help coach the next generation of ultimate. This campaign is a great step in paving a pathway towards elite ultimate and the U24 Australian representative teams and I would love to be a part of that for young women just as my coaches were for me.”

The Weedy Seadragons boast a dynamic roster of players and Dhaliwal is excited to see the commitment and energy of the team. “The culture in the team is amazing and everyone is just getting around each other! I am excited to help the players realise their potential with their abilities. I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be the best Weedies campaign yet!”

The Australian U22 Ultimate Championships will take place in Canberra from Friday 30 November 2019 to Sunday 2 December 2019.