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Ellipsis Mens in 2019

Ellipsis Ultimate are excited to announce that we are forming a Mens team in 2019, with the aim of competing at the Australian Ultimate Championships.

Since 2015, Ellipsis has continually looked for new ways to push the boundaries of women’s ultimate. We are excited about the opportunities and challenges that a men’s team will bring for all new and existing members of our club. We also look forward to creating a platform where conversations around Gender Equity will continue to develop within the Ultimate community.

Ellipsis has built a culture of spirited and high level play since 2013 and this is something we will be continuing to prioritise as we expand into the Open division. We will be selecting a roster of men who are committed to our values and goals. 

Full selections will occur in October/November. Prior to this, we will be pre-selecting a small number of players to be involved in planning and building this team. If you are interested in one of these roles or would like to be involved with the team in some other capacity, please fill in this form by 31st May. Further information about selections will be released in September.

If you would like to learn more about the club, we would love you to come along to our Gala night on May 19th and show your support for our Women’s team as they head off to the World Ultimate Club Championships (tickets available here).