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It’s been over two years since we first set foot on Asian shores at the 2013 AOUCC in Singapore.

For many of us, it was our first taste of Asian Ultimate, and we were immediately blown away with everyone’s enthusiasm and passion for the game. Something else that blew us away was realising that of the 31 teams entered into the tournament, 27 were mixed, 4 were open, and if our maths is right, there were ZERO women’s teams!

Wait… what?

Yeah, you read it right, it turns out that Asia REALLY loves it’s mixed ultimate.

We get it, mixed is heaps of fun, there’s no denying that. But we believe there’s definitely a place for both open and women’s ultimate, and when we changed our focus from a mixed to a women’s club back in August 2015, we decided that we would do what we could to help promote the women’s game throughout Asia (as well as Australia).

So here we are, four months later, announcing our very first women’s coaching clinic in the Philippines.

We are sending over two of our original club members (Cat Phillips and Amanda Fung) to run five sessions over four days. Both Cat and Mandy currently play on the Ellipsis women’s team, they were key members of the Ellipsis team that won the US Open earlier this year, and have both played for (and captained) Australia on multiple occasions.

If you would like more information about when and where Cat and Mandy will be delivering the coaching, and to sign up, make sure you check the JMJ Sports Training Services Facebook Page.

We are really excited about these coaching clinics and are really keen to do more throughout the year.
If you would like an Ellipsis coaching clinic run in your country please get in contact with us.

The Philippine coaching clinics are only possible thanks to the following people:
Wingman | Team Spirit | JMJ Sports Training Services | Zone Clothing