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Ellipsis AGM & Grand Final Day Mini Tournament

It’s the off season and there’s not many opportunities to froth together, so Ellipsis is hosting a mega event on the Grand Final Parade public holiday (Friday 27th September). We’ll be hosting a mini-tournament, holding our AGM and then heading out for a social event including dinner and drinks afterwards.

This AGM, the board is proposing three special resolutions to change our constitution to reflect our mission. The changes we’re putting forward are:

  •  We would like to increase our Committee size to include up to four Ordinary Committee Members (promoting community building through ultimate). Currently our constitution allows for two Ordinary Committee Members.
  • We would like to enshrine in the constitution that at least 50% of board members will be female (promoting women’s ultimate in Australia and across the world). The constitution currently allows any gender ratio.
  • We would like to  to enshrine in the constitution that the President must be female (promoting women’s ultimate in Australia and across the world). Currently any member can be elected President. 

Get in touch if you would like any information about these changes or to discuss them with someone from the board.


Date: Friday 27th September (Grand Final Day Public Holiday)
Time: Mini Tournament starts at 3:30pm, AGM at 4pm, followed by then dinner and drinks.