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2019 Ellipsis Team Announcements

The 2019 season offers exciting new opportunities, with Ellipsis expanding the club to include its inaugural Men’s team, to compete alongside the three-time National Championship winning Women’s team.

We received over 100 expressions of interest from athletes this season, making this the biggest selection process our club has ever run. We are also proud of our collaborative efforts, working with selectors from other Melbourne clubs to ensure the best outcomes for players in the community.

Congratulations to the following athletes who will be representing Ellipsis at the Australian Ultimate Championships, held in Townsville, 25 – 28 April.

Women’s Team

  • Adelaide Dennis
  • Alex Paterson
  • Caroline Ma
  • Cat Phillips
  • Chloe McDonald
  • Crystal Cheung
  • Lucy Deller
  • Georgia Egan-Griffiths
  • Hannah Mangan
  • Jessica Parkes
  • Kellie McLeod
  • Liana Edwards
  • Olivia Carr
  • Myriam Vinot
  • Kate Robertson
  • Ruby Anderson
  • Simar Dhaliwal
  • Steph Chong
  • Tracey Chong

Thank you to selectors Georgia Egan-Griffiths, Dan Mathews-Hunter and Steve Wright for their time and effort.

Men’s Team

  • Alex Evans
  • Andrew See
  • Cameron Lyon
  • Charlie Medic
  • Cheok Lee
  • Dan Mathews-Hunter
  • Daniel Cussen
  • Ewan Wymer
  • Harsha Vardhan
  • James Walker
  • Josh Howard
  • Joshi Philip
  • Matt Hill
  • Olly Loughnan
  • Peter Eley
  • Rob Andrews
  • Stuart Austin
  • Timocles Copland
  • Tom Boyle
  • Tom Tulett

Thank you to selectors Tom Tulett, Caroline Ma, and Greta Murdoch for their time and effort